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The UVC Disinfecting Cabinet decontaminates contents from harmful viruses and bacteria to provide a safe environment wherever items are shared. Vigorous independent virology lab testing shows the cabinet’s UVC LED modules destroy even the most resilient contaminants including SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, H1N1, Human coronavirus 229E, C. Diff, and other deadly transmissible viruses. By leveraging the latest LED technology rather than traditional mercury tubes, the cabinet offers an extended lifespan and environmentally friendly disinfecting solutions in the fight against HAIs. This advanced science is made simple with intuitive operation and a rapid 60-second cleaning cycle. Get back to work worry-free with the PureWorks UVC Disinfecting Cabinet. 


Product Benefits

Proven Protection from Pathogens

Vigorous independent tests validated a 99.99% kill rate against the most resilient bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, H1N1, and Human coronavirus 229E. 

Rapid 60-second Disinfection

Destroy dangerous sources of infection in under a minute, the best of security and speed. 

Easy to Use

Simply place items in the cabinet, secure the door, and before you know it, your devices are ready to go. 

Multi-item Capacity

At 18" x 18" x 18", the cabinet interior is roomy enough to effectively disinfect multiple items at once. 

Eliminate Blind Spots

360-degree coverage inactivates the harmful contaminants lurking in the nooks and crannies of phones, PPE, toys, tools, and other applications where wipes just won't work. 

Clean with Conscience

Protect both your workspace and the environment with toxin-free cleaning. And unlike commonly used mercury tubes, LED modules last up to 25x longer, consume less energy, and can be disposed of safely. 

Proudly Made in the USA

Located in Virginia, PureWorks manufactures the only UVC LED disinfecting cabinet made in the USA.


The UVC Disinfecting Cabinet is safe for most shareable high-touch hand-held items. Simply place the items in the cabinet, close the door, and initiate the timer for about 60 seconds. See the cabinet user manual for more details. These are just a few examples of items that can be quickly and safely disinfected with the cabinet. 


Why It Works

UV light has three wavelength categories: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UVC light wavelengths are between 200 and 300 nanometers. UVC is germicidal and effective in breaking apart microorganisms, such as bacteria, molds, and viruses.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and mold are simple lifeforms that reproduce by subdivision, budding or by producing spores. Reproduction of these organisms is vital to their life-cycle. Loss of their ability to grow and multiply is classified as cellular death and renders them harmless and no longer pathogenic. When exposing microorganisms to UVC light, the light penetrates through their cell walls and disrupts the structure of their DNA molecules, prohibiting reproduction. Because UV disinfection does not rely on chemicals or filtration materials, it can be used effectively and safely.

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