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Proven Protection from Infection!
At PureWorks we take our mission of providing the best products possible seriously!  Our commitment has always been to deliver proven performance.  No hand waiving, no generalities, just proven results.
That is why we have sent our UVC Disinfecting Cabinet to MicroChem for validation of the UVC cabinet's disinfecting power.  MicroChem is a world leader in disinfection testing and is ISO 17025 accredited and maintains compliance with EPA and FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs).
We had MicroChem test our UVC Disinfecting Cabinet with the most common  pathogens that cause healthcare associated illness including MRSA, H1N1, human coronavirus 229E, and C. Diff.  In addition to MicroChem's testing, Virginia Tech's virology lab tested our cabinet with SARS-CoV-2. The cabinet was proven to be a powerful tool for disinfecting surfaces and the test results can be found below.


We know there are a lot of claims about UVC being made in the marketplace, most of them dubious at best.  That’s why, here at PureWorks, we’ve conducted disciplined third party testing to prove the veracity of our claims and the performance of our cabinet. We are open to discuss questions about our cabinet and the test results. Contact us through the link in the menu or at
Designed to perform every time.  Designed to save you time.  Designed to save you money.  Designed to give you peace of mind.

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