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About Us

At the outset of the pandemic, federal and state agencies approached us about using our resources in the fight against COVID.  Our goal: provide 100% peace-of-mind and security by delivering a tested and validated surface disinfection aid that  reduces the risk of pathogen transmission. Out of that effort was born the UVC Disinfecting Cabinet.  The cabinet is Made in the USA, tested and validated by third party virology labs to kill bacteria and viruses, and is now being used in health care, education, law enforcement, broadcasting, and a host of other industries to provide safer workplaces.

To protect people from infection by completely disinfecting items with proven UVC LED technology. 



  • Compassion - We care about health, safety, and outcomes. We serve people, not companies, so we value "good bedside manners", personal touches, and relatability. 

  • Intention - We work purposefully and productively on things that matter; we do not waste time or resources. 

  • Innovation - We are driven to deliver the best product possible on the market and are constantly iterating and improving our technology. Rest assured that our product will work, every time. 

  • Servant Leadership - We create a vibrant environment where individuals are respected and empowered to grow. 

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