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What is PureWorks

PureWorks puts the purifying power of UVC LED disinfection to work. Our easy-to-use germicidal technologies annihilate harmful viruses and bacteria from handheld items to create a safer shared environments.

A trusted American manufacturer, PureWorks designs products that are proven effective and effortless to use in diverse settings including healthcare, education, and at home. 

The UVC Disinfecting Cabinet decontaminates contents from harmful viruses and bacteria to provide a safe environment wherever items are shared. Vigorous independent virology lab testing shows the cabinet’s UVC LED modules destroy even the most resilient contaminants including SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, H1N1, human coronavirus 229E, and other deadly transmissible viruses. By leveraging the latest LED technology rather than traditional mercury tubes, the cabinet offers an extended lifespan and environmentally friendly disinfecting solutions in the fight against HAIs. This advanced science is made simple with intuitive operation and a rapid 60-second cleaning cycle. Get back to work worry-free with the PureWorks UVC Disinfecting Cabinet. 

Our Flagship Product -
UVC Disinfecting Cabinet

Smiling Nurse
“We uniformly absolutely love the cabinet.  It is saving us hours each week in terms of cleaning.  We also have greater flexibility in what we can use now, which is important for some kids.”

Developmental Peds and Psychology, South Carolina

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